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Try these 10 questions to ask yourself about selling on-line
  1. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Are you prepared to make the committment?
  3. Do you have a backup plan?
  4. Do you have a business plan?
  5. What is the likelihood that your products will sell on-line?
  6. What are the on-line sales forecasts for the types of products you plan to sell?
  7. Are there potential sales channel conflicts that you need to be concerned with?
  8. What are the critical success factors for Internet-based sales in your industry?
  9. How will your on-line store differ from others on the Internet?
  10. Will you focus on a niche market?

Source of the above questions is "Selling On-line: How to Become a Successful E-Commerce Merchant in Canada", Jim Carroll & Rick Broadhead, MacMillan Canada, 1999.

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