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Instant Web Page or WebSite Builder

Yes this software will instantly convert Word documents into FULL WEBSITES!

If you want to STOP building web sites the hard way, here's how you can build your website without spending countless hours trying to do it yourself.

This brand new software program will amaze you by what it can do.

WordPageBuilder will actually take any document (.doc file) and turn it into a web site FOR you.

Read on.. or jump right in and check out this video to see just how easy it really is.

instant word page builder

It's not a joke. You can literally create a website without knowing a lick of HTML, or a single piece of code. Just type it up in MS Word (or any other compatible program), do the formatting right there in the Word doc (colors, bold, etc), add pictures if you want any, and this software will convert the entire thing into a user-friendly website.

In a nutshell

Perfect Format Conversion - This is a major point of the program. Any fonts, colors, sizing, indentation, spacing, or whatever other formatting Word is capable of will be retained during the conversion from .doc to .html.

Compatibility - This program will take a document made by MS Word, Abiword,, etc., yes ANY program that can save a .doc file.

Better than PDF - Now you can put your content immediately online for visitors to view.

Page Selection - Maybe you're selling a book or e-book. In that case, you don't want to put the whole thing up for viewing, even though certainly lets you do that. You can opt to put up the first few pages/chapters of whatever document you're uploading, and let users read those before they buy. A proven Internet marketing tool!

Auto FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - Supremne convenience is what this progam also offers by integrated automated FTP transfer to your web server.

Images - All images that you have on your document will be auto-uploaded to your server and remain positioned as they are on the page. "Auto magical" as they say!

Pretty cool, eh? Want to see how it works? It's really push-button simple, and it just takes 6 easy steps to create your sites:


Step One: Pick a template: You get four professional layouts, three of which have AdSense built-in. Pick whichever you think would look best for your particular document.

Step Two: Enter the details of your page: Pick a title that suits the project, choose the keywords that you want to go right in the automated Meta tags, then write the Meta description for your site, the description that users will see when your site shows up in the search results.

There is also a place for you to upload custom header and footer images if you wish.

Step Three: Select your document file: Pretty simplistic, just click the button, browse for your file, and hit okay. If you are using AdSense, just enter your AdSense ID. This software even gives you drop down menus to select the colors you want on the ads on your page.

Step Four: Page Bottom Text: This is decidedly the favored form of navigation for all of our web-based documents. Just input the text you want for links near the bottom of your page.

Step Five: The index page (also known as the home page): You can select the first page of your document to serve as the index. Just type in your main keyboard, the name of your data folder, where everything will be stored. The data folder name and the main keyword both are great for triggering AdSense ads so pick relevant names.

Click preview. The program launches a sample page so you can make sure everything looks right. This is a convenient little feature you will enjoy, intended to cut down on unnecessary wait time.

Then click build. The program converts each page of your document into an individual webpage, then links them all together (using the links on the bottom of the page) without as much as a flaw to be found.

Step Six: Publish: And lastly, you just need to publish the site on your server. Its pretty much as simple and direct as humanly possible. Four self-explanatory fields are all that stand between you and glorious completion. Paste in the URL of your server, the folder you want everything uploaded in (it's almost always going to be public_html), then just type in your user name and password, and viola!

Hit publish, and you're done.

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